We all crave health and happiness in our lives.
What holds you back?

Feeling tired and fatigue

Overwhelmed by stress

Craving junk food all the time

Struggling with weight management

Then Wellness Coaching Program is for you! 


Wellness Coaching Program is specially designed for my clients who need ongoing support and guidance to improve overall health and to live an inspired, fulfilling life.

By joining this program, you will develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you. I will help you figure out what your personal health and wellness issues are, how they intersect and affect you holistically and help you develop strategies to overcome them.

The art of eating well is listen to the body and to be mindful when respond to its natural hunger. I will guide you in making wise food choices based on your unique needs, preferences and genetic makeup in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable.

We are nourished not only by food but also by the environment we live in. Together we will address different aspects of your life from foods to career planning, relationships, exercises and spirituality. As your Health Coach, I am here to listen and to support you all the way to your desired goals.

The 3-month Wellness Coaching Program will include all of the following:

* Two 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month (online or in person). Each session will be a conversation about your wellness concerns, your health-related goals, your progress and recommendations.
* Wellness Assessment Tool to get a clear picture of your current wellness and to understand your body unique needs
* Healthy eating plan, supplements and lifestyle recommendations
* Email support between sessions to help keep you focused and on track
* Handouts and list of reading suggestions to help support your personal goals