Do you check ingredients listed on the food package before buying food for your children?

If you answer No to the above question, there is likely a chance that you are putting your children’s health at risk.

A research conducted by Prof. Aaron Lerner and Dr. Torsten Matthias in 2015 suggests that the consumption of processed foods and food additives may be associated with autoimmune progression. According to the study, at least seven food additives – including glucose, salt, emulsifiers, organic solvents, gluten, nanometric particles and microbial transglutaminase have harmful effects on intestinal health.

Food manufacturers have spent millions of dollars to discover flavor combinations that make consumers addicted. When it comes to food, it is human nature to get bored of eating the same food over and over.  Processed and packaged foods, however, are designed to make you addicted. Food additives are added to create instant feelings of pleasure that last for a long time.

Let’s protect your children’s health by reading the ingredients label before buying food products, eating less processed foods and feeding your children with natural and nutrient-rich foods.

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